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Sep 27, 2017

HSC Partner-Up


Edited: Oct 11, 2017

This partnership is one that's close to my heart...


GCS is proud to support the work at the Human Services Campus though Caring Spirits of AZ by diverting the elderly, disabled, seriously ill or severely injured from homeless during the intake process and case management contacts. An orientation was done for campus staff from various agencies this morning.


*I personally worked at the HSC for many years in various capacities. Today, I do outreach work there several times a week, volunteer and conduct housing assessments for them throughout the valley at monthly Project Connect events. The staff are not friends... they're family to me.



As a result of this partnership, our services will effectively help divert displaced, injured and handicapped individuals from homelessness as they come in. We've housed no less than 3 clients from there over the last 1-2 months.



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  • ASCFounder
    Feb 3, 2018

    A few days ago, I traveled downtown to take a tour of the Recovery Empowerment Network office. I brought Joe, Owner and General Manager of Caring Spirits with me. Joe is a techy for-profit guy, and I'm more of a gritty non-profit dude... but we've become close friends since we teamed-up, and our programs natural complement the other. More and more our work is becoming a perfect blending of private and public sector collaboration, even though I operate both types. I love experimentation... totally into it. But its more than that. I think we tend to develop a bond with the folks we fight in common cause with. Our friendship is a living manifestation of the wisdom of Solomon, who said: " As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. " I've seen God working in this pattern throughout my life. Anyway, I got much more than out of the experience than I was expecting. I was educated on a whole array of services that I didn't know existed. I realized too, as a business operator, that their programs are really an extension of MMIC. If you think about it, their services make sense from an insurance perspective because they promote holistic health, recovery and well-being, with the ultimate effect of reducing to amount of medical insurance paid out to their members. I gladly accepted the invite to do a community presentation the 3rd week of March. More collaboration to follow. Adieu.
  • ASCFounder
    Oct 12, 2017

    Following a thrilling orientation with my business partner at the HSC, I made my way to UMOM New Day Center in Phoenix for a campus tour. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with it all -- straight through to the rustic furniture that adorns the lobby. Seriously though, I must have commended on that in every building. I LOVE interior design, and the space was not only functional, but bang-on to my style. I got there a bit early too, so I relaxed on the sofa and people-watched for 15 minutes or so. When Rosanne showed up, we dived right in. She was a helpful, relaxed and courteous tour guide. I'm strictly casual, so I appreciated her down-to-earth personality. The tour was made more rewarding by my industry knowledge too. Fore example, Tumbleweed is now operated by UMOM, and I'm well acquainted with the Family Housing Hub and their onsite emergency shelter and transitional living programs for families. Not only because its a valuable service that I often navigate my clients to, but its the family equivalent of the work that I do at the Human Service Campus for adult individuals. I understand the process and how important it is to get families into emergency shelter and qualify them for housing programs down the road. Aside from seeing all these programs operate in real time, the eye-openers for me was the new Halle Center for adult women and the Homegrown social enterprises. Follow the links to learn more. By the time I was done, my feet were off the floor. I was inspired in many ways, and the ride back to my residential project left me in reveries. I can't tell you how much it relieves me to know that these services are available to families in our community. My heart aches for my brothers and sisters because of the unjust state of affairs of the world we live in. There's help and hope thanks to outstanding organizations like this. * The next visit to to the UMOM New Day Center will be for a presentation promoting the work of Grassroots Community Solutions & Caring Spirits of AZ to their case managers.
  • ASCFounder
    Oct 6, 2017

    Early this morning I talked with the Social Enterprise Coordinator at UMOM New Day Centers about their Homegrown Job Training Program . At first I was just calling to get a program description and schedule a tour, but after researching it further I became enamored with the concept of a Social Enterprise : " A Social Enterprise is a venture that uses business methods and market- based strategies to achieve its social mission. Rather than maximizing shareholder value, the primary aim of social enterprises is to generate profit to further their social or environmental goals. With social enterprises, business is viewed as the vehicle for social change. Profit is viewed as a means and not a primary goal. Social enterprises are launched by those who want to improve the common good and solve a social problem in a new, more lasting and effective way than traditional approaches. " Anyways, I'm anxious to do the tour. For me, Its never enough to hear about something worthwhile... I have to see it, walk the grounds and absorb the environment. Going further, I gave her some information on GCS and she forwarded it to the program lead to schedule a presentation for me in the near future. During that presentation, I'll be highlighting Grassroots services with its accompanying Caring Spirits Residential Program.